One of the unique things we offer is the ability to combine complex rhyming and flows with unorthodox vocabulary. We call these verses “Vocabulary Verses”. You can listen to an example below.  Using unfamiliar words like “propensity”, “ineffable” and “promulgate” makes for a distinct sound. People unconsciously pick up on words they don’t recognize or rarely hear, so Vocabulary Verses are a great way to stand out from your competition.


Rhyme, flow and vocabulary. Many artists can incorporate one of these in their verses. Some can do two but not many can do all three, simultaneously. This is because it’s very difficult to write. It’s hard enough trying to express your message through coherent rhymes and flows, but on top of that, intentionally using a wide and uncommon vocabulary adds a whole other level of difficulty. However, this added level of difficulty is well worth it. Wide vocabulary rap is the most rare out of any genre or style. Performing a Vocab Verse will get you attention, respect and esteem faster than any other way.


If you’re an independent artist, Vocabulary Verses are invaluable. Once you start saying things like ‘…paradox of an illusory nature…’ or ‘the most superlative propensity occurring in this century’ people stop what they’re doing and focus on you. You sound different and they have no idea what you’re going to say next. The hardest part is getting noticed and this is what these verses do best. If you’re a more mainstream artist, the same is true. Vocab Verses are nearly non-existent in the commercial scene, which make the impact even more potent. It can be hard for artists on a major label to get approval for such an unconventional sound but times are changing, and fast.