How much are top tier, intricate verses really worth? What’s a whole album of them worth? These are hard questions to answer. A lot of people say verses, no matter how detailed, are just words on paper. They can’t be that valuable right? It’s best to look at it by results, or in other words, what happens after you’ve worked with us? After you’ve put out a PW Verse to your fans, what do you see? Do your ticket sales change at all? How about your merchandising? It’s in the effects of our top tier, intricate verses where the true value lies.


One of the most powerful effects of working with us is how dramatically your fan base expands. It doesn't matter if you have 50 or 100,000 fans, the results are still the same. It's hard to put a monetary value on the concept of an expanding fan base. Each one of those new supporters can do so much, so quickly for the artist as Alex explained in the Evolution of Hip Hop. With Social Media, your music can blow up in just days. We're so confident in our ability, we guarantee your fan base will triple in size if you get a PW Album. That's not a 'maybe' or 'probably', it's a guarantee.


Your ticket sales go through the roof. A lot of these results work in tandem with each other, like 'more passionate fans = more ticket sales'. When you have PW Caliber Verses, your fans come out to see you. It's as simple as that. Witnessing the art of rap at its highest level is a spectacular experience. When you see an artist performing with such 'precision', you get goosebumps. Fans come to see real talent and because our verses are written for live shows, they build up even more respect for you. No background vocals. No lip syncing. No tricks. Just the beat and the artist.


When you have such intricate lyricism, you take over the spotlight during live shows. It doesn't matter if you're the opener or closer, you're the feature of the concert. Your performance is what everyone remembers. Some of our clients explained this sensation perfectly in their testimonials. You also have a tendency to, for the lack of a better word, "fan-steal." Long time listeners of one artist, hear you and don't go back. 'Great' is only relative so you may think an artist is incredible but once you hear someone better, that first artist becomes less and less appealing.


Single downloads are a good way to get an idea of how your fans are reacting to a particular track. If you have one PW Song on your album and that song has 10X more downloads than the others, that's saying something. You can also find out when you break even. Lets say you paid $800 for a Full 16 Bar Verse. Once you get 800 people to purchase it off iTunes, you're already even. Keep in mind downloads are just one benefit of PW verses. By the time you hit that $800 mark, you'd be way beyond breaking even when you take into account tickets, social media hype, fan base expansion etc..


Along with the expansion of your fan base, you'll also see a rise in your fans Like Scale rating. So your listeners increase in number, and become more passionate. It matters how much your fans are into you and not a lot of people realize this yet. That's why you see so many artists who have millions of Youtube hits but can't get a thousand people to their shows. It's because their fans only like them, they don't love them. They may have a huge fan base overall, but when you narrow it down to only the passionate fans, it's very small. Artists with this type of fan base are dying out because they can't sell tickets. How do you sell tickets?


A rather clever move some of our clients make is they put out a stacked, Full PW Song as a teaser for their upcoming album. This works tremendously well. A Full Song, so 3 PW Verses all on one track. That level of quality captivates fans. They expect the whole album to be as intricate which is why the artist's sales sky rocket. This strategy also attracts a lot of hype Social Media wise, especially on Youtube. As you can imagine, it might be a little disappointing from a fans perspective if the teaser song was the only PW collaboration on the whole album. One of our clients expressed this happening in their testimonial.