Right now we write for any artist who pays us but this is only temporary. What we’re really trying to do, long term, is to put our whole crew of writers behind just 1 artist and have him blow up huge. Once we find this artist, we’ll be cutting ties with every other artist we’ve worked with and writing exclusively for him. Lets label this 1 artist the “PW Artist”. Obviously that won’t literally be the artists name, but it’s just easier to explain things if we label it like that. We’re scouring the globe, looking at thousands of artists in all different countries to find just the right one who’ll be the PW Artist. So what kind of qualities are we looking for?


Probably the most important factor is in how long you’ve been a client for us. We’re not going to pick someone who we’ve never worked with before to be the PW Artist. It’s just not going to happen. We need to have a lot of experience working together and see that you know how to get the most out of PW Verses and Songs.


The second most important factor is in your abilities as an artist. How good are you at handling intricate flows? How good are you with timing and delivery? Can you emphasize certain words a certain way? How good are you on stage? Those sorts of things.


Your voice is also key, although not as important as the first 2 categories. You don’t really need to have an amazing voice. We understand that an artist’s voice does play a big role in their success but as long as your voice doesn’t limit the potential of songs, it’s fine. Obviously if you can sing like Cee Lo, it’s a plus but if you can’t it’s not a big negative on you either.


The last few things we look at are mainly about what type of person you are, except maybe age. Age is important because we want a long career that makes a mark on Hop Hip forever so we probably aren’t going to pick someone who’s 40 years old. Really though it’s about your mindset and ambition. We definitely need someone who can put in long hours in the studio and with the writers. We really think we can take over Hip Hop like no one has before but this isn’t going to happen without a lot of work and passion on the artists end. If we ever get the sense that you don’t take things seriously enough or are somewhat content with being average then it’ll be a very quick ‘no’ from us, regardless of how talented you are or how good your voice is etc. We have to see that fire and drive from you or you won’t have a shot.