I’m really amazed at the quality here, especially with the flow. At first I was hesitant because I thought it was a little expensive but wow was I wrong. I’ve already broken even and that’s just in downloads alone. A year from now I’m easily going to have made 4 or 5 times the amount of money I originally bought it for. Not to mention the changes in my fan base I can already see, and this is just off a single song. I’m definitely saving for the album deal. There’s no telling what I can do with a whole album of top-notch lyricism.
Haddaway, Dallas TX
Before I collaborated with PW I was unaware of the importance of high caliber verses and writing. I thought success was more random and built on marketing strategies. The last two verses from PW, I put up as teases for my upcoming album and my fans have exploded. All the comments online are about how detailed the flow and lyrics are. I’m loving it. The only bad part though is, I can tell my fans are expecting the whole album to be at the same level as the two verses I pre-released. I suppose it’s a good problem to have though.
Rasheed, Hartford CT
For my song I had a real specific message I wanted to get across so the back and forth emailing helped a lot. I got an answer within the hour and usually with a few questions from them, making sure they understood exactly what I wanted to say. The final product was perfect. They somehow expressed my message at the same time as rhyming almost every word of the song. I’m really impressed. That must of taken some serious effort and care on their part.
Simmons, Minneapolis MN
I was a little paranoid about my identity being leaked or rumors spreading, which is why I love the Anonymous Option so much. It’s a bit more expensive but well worth it, just for the peace of mind. Just not having to put my name anywhere was a load off for me. I’ve tried a bunch of ghostwriting services and talking just straight intricacy and detail, no one is even in the same convo as Precision Writtens. Not even close, it’s like they are selling something totally different.
Anonymous, Raleigh NC
The Vocab Verse I bought from PW has changed my whole career. I never knew how much influence one 60 second span can have on an artist. I’ve got more fans, downloads, and tickets from this one verse, than my whole last album. The rhyming and flows are absolutely insane. So damn complex, the sound's amazing when I’m on stage. I’ve been opening my routine with that verse and it’s like day and night difference. Usually it takes a couple songs to get the crowd feeling me but when I start with that PW Verse, BAM, it is over. I got the crowd instantly on their feet. Much respect to the lyricists.
Lloyd, Scottsdale AZ
I’m an independent artist and I felt I should say something about PW. We are on the road for a lot of the year and have to open for other acts most of the time. I’ve began to love this. Most MCs don’t like opening for others because the opener is usually less talented but now I embarrass who ever comes on stage after me. Once I start with the really elaborate flows and rhymes, especially the Vocab Verse I bought, I can feel the vibe in the room change. Each line I do at live shows, I feel is converting more and more of the crowd to fans. I’m so excited about my career and what the future holds.
Niko, Dublin IRL