Royalties are something our clients ask a lot about. There are numerous different rights at stake when you’re dealing with anything in the music business. Here you’ll find all you’ll need to know about how Precision Writtens works with royalties. The main point to recognize is we let you decide on whether or not you want to take the Royalties Option. Royalties can complicate things and some clients don’t want to bother with them so they take the default payment route. The default payment setup is basically, you pay for the verse/song upfront and nothing more. The song could get 10 million downloads and you wouldn’t owe us a dime.


The main perk of the Royalties Option is the fact that it dramatically decreases the cost. Royalties are a tough asset for us to let go of because we know the amount of success you’re going to have. When you put out PW’s level of lyricism, the question isn’t if you’re going to see success, it’s just a matter of how much and how fast. This is why royalties mean something to us, because we know the effects of our verses. Other purchasing routes, such as the Sample Verse, we see as more of a temporary avenue until you get comfortable working with us. All of our long term clients choose the Royalties Option every time now.


Keep an eye out for anybody who doesn’t at least attempt to offer royalties. Other ghostwriter(s) or ghostwriting services brag about not requiring royalties, as if it was a positive for their clients. This is a trick. There’s a good reason why they don’t want to deal with royalties and it’s because they know their clients aren’t going to be that successful. Their writer(s) can only put out mediocre work. They can only write verses that are average and because of this, their clients see very average results. An average expansion of their fan base, downloads, merchandise and sometimes very poor increases in the most important category, ticket sales.


Precision Writtens isn’t like other ghostwriters and/or ghostwriting services. We’re not OK with average. We’re not OK with anyone even being in our league and that goes the same for our clients. We don’t want to see your fan base gradually increase by 5-10%, we want it to double and triple in size and then double and triple in size, again. We want your fans to be so impressed by what they hear, they tell everyone they know. This is what happens when you work with us and it’s because of the unparalleled quality our lyricists put out.