Precision Writtens isn’t a record label. We don’t have artists signed to us or anything like that. We don’t have touring schedules, album releases or merchandise. We’re simply a group of ghostwriters which write for artists and labels. They provide the topic, content and the instrumental and we translate it into complex lyricism. Complex both in the rhyming and flow, without losing the message of the song or verse. That is 95% of what we do, however, we also put out some of our own tracks to the public. What do we mean by this?


By our ‘own tracks’ we don’t mean the Sample Verses. The Sample Verses are just for artists who want to hear the level of lyricism our writers put out. We mean songs that are written and recorded by one of our writers. We call these “PW Writer's Songs” because the song ideas are coming from our writers themselves rather than a specific artist. Many of our writers enjoy making their own music and this is a way for them to do that while spreading the Precision Writtens name at the same time.


You’ll be able to purchase these on iTunes and Bandcamp for $1.00 each (or of course download them for free if you want to). There won’t be any order in which we release songs, like an ablum or EP. Also we won’t be specifying which writer wrote which song. We should be releasing a couple songs per month, depending on how busy things get. Ghostwriting is still priority number one for all of us here at Precision Writtens though. PW Writers Songs take a back seat to any artist who decides to work with us.