Here are some of our verses and songs you can listen to. These samples show you what you can expect if you decide to work with us. Much love to Germanera Records for providing some of the beats. No other artist or rap ghostwriting service can compete with the amount of detail and intricacy our verses have. Some of these tracks are freestyle verses (freestyle meaning free-topic, not off the top) and some are the traditional full songs with a specific message. Also, TYT Anthem is a song we made for a Youtube Channel called The Young Turks.


We’re most proud of our ability to use a wide vocabulary without lessening the quality of rhyming, content or flow. We call this level of lyricism: “Vocabulary Verses”. It’s an arduous writing process but well worth it. Just one Vocabulary Verse can change your entire career and because of their rarity, you become instantly recognizable from your competition. Click for more


Aside from working with artists, we also produce our own music on the side. This includes theme songs for certain businesses/ commercials as well as just random songs that our lyricists felt like putting out. There’s no rhyme or reason as to when or how we release them, but usually they’ll just be singles and you can buy them on iTunes and Bandcamp