Everything we write is with the intention of live shows. Our verses are written in such a way that, despite their level of detail and intricacy, performing them live won’t ever be an issue. We go through great lengths to make sure skills such as staying on beat and controlling your breath are intuitive. This is a big part of being able to put on great shows that people remember and go out of their way to see. If you can’t keep up with what’s on your album, live, it can really hurt your career, both with fans and other artists. Now why is all this important? Why is an artist’s stage show so crucial?


With the value of the album declining, the importance of live shows becomes much clearer. Specifically, great live shows, are a necessity now. You have to make up that huge hole in revenue somehow. Touring is the answer but not for everyone. You can't just do a show every night and think it's all going to work out. You have to get people to actually come to the shows. A lot of people have this idea of touring being this huge endless source of money but it's not. It can be very expensive on the artists end. Lady Gaga, although a completely different genre, was 3 million dollars in debt at one time in her career because she had this misapprehension. She was on the road 24/7 but wasn't selling any tickets. The truth is, you got to get people to want to see you live. How do you do this? Learn more


High caliber rap can get pretty tricky, especially with the faster paced styles and demonstrating you can do those difficult verses, live, is a sure way to get a strong, passionate following. It lets your fans know you're not just having fun up there, but you're working, trying to put on a great performance. It shows you have respect for them and are thankful they chose to come see you over everybody else. You could of picked some easy songs to perform but instead you took the hard route. You're putting yourself on the line because if you're not focused on the verse at hand, chances are you're going to slip up. You could forget the words or stumble over a few bars which can make you look really sloppy. Like you shouldn't be up there. Fans notice that sort of thing, especially the hardcore ones.


With today's technology and advanced editing programs, you can make someone sound much better than they really are. Engineers will often combine the best parts of multiple recordings into one "super track" and make it sound as though the artist recorded it perfectly, in one take. This is commonly referred to as 'comping'. We're not knocking on artists who use this technique. Everybody does it, it saves a lot of time and makes for better music for the fans. However, some artists depend on this to the point where they can't perform live. At least not without lip syncing or following along with a background vocal. As you can imagine, this kills the quality of the show. Fans feel almost cheated when they come all the way out, just to see someone rap along with the track. No one wants that.