Choose one of the verse formats: an 8 Bar Sample Verse if it’s your 1st time working with us, a 16 Bar Full Verse, a Full Song or one of the Specialty Verses. We’re willing to work with you if you need something else done, such as a hook.


After you’ve selected your format, you tell us specifics about your topic and message of the verse(s), upload the instrumental and purchase. We work together with Paypal so you can be sure your financial information is safe.


You’ll receive your lyrics and audio reference track by email a few days later. The writer(s) may contact you with questions during this time about the topic and Specialty Verses might take a little longer to get out to you.


These three easy steps outline how we work with most of our clients. We’re still very flexible in dealing with each artist on an individual basis so the prices aren’t set in stone. Whether that be a certain deadline you have to meet, tweaks in the type of format you want to use, financial problems or a change in your vision of the verse, we’re always willing to do what we got to do to make it happen. Just one PW Verse can completely transform your career and you could have that verse by this time tomorrow. Click here to get started


If you’re looking to do more than just 1 track or 1 verse, we do offer multi-song deals like mixtapes. We usually only do them with emcees we’ve been working with for a while because they’re such a big commitment for us and we need to see that the emcee knows how to properly record and promote their sound. It usually takes a few tracks for a new Emcee to get familiar with how to lay down the intricate flows right. The recording of the lyrics, especially the timing, plays a big role in how tight the finished track will sound and therefore, what the song's potential is.