To make it in the modern Hip Hop environment you have to be selling tickets. Live shows are one of the only sources of revenue not effected by piracy. So how do you thrive on the road? What’s the formula for high ticket sales?


It’s important to recognize that a ticket isn’t the same as an album. Business models that produce high album sales have nothing to do with models that produce high ticket sales. You’re selling a completely different product. How are they different? Tickets require much more effort and money on the fans end. Think about all you have to do to go see someone live. You have to look up when they’re having a show near you, plan around you and your friend’s schedules, drive there and back, actually pay for the ticket, parking etc..but an album is just one click away on your computer.


The most critical factor to ticket sales comes down to simply, what you put out to the fans. How polished you are lyrically. It’s all about the verses here. Hooks usually take care of themselves, and listeners can get them anywhere. The verses on the other hand, showcase you individually. They’re how fans compare you to other artists and are what keep them coming back for more. They’re the key to that coveted passionate fan base and therefore the key to ticket sales. You have to show respect for your listeners and they’ll show it back, either in the form of coming out to see you live or spreading the word about your music.


“Fan” is a very loose term nowadays. It encompasses too wide of range to have any meaning so we use the term “Like Scale”. The Like Scale is basically how much does that fan like that particular artist. A fan with a low rating on the Like Scale is someone who knows and likes the artist, but isn’t too interested. A fan with a high rating on the Like Scale means the fan is almost obsessed with the artist. They know all their lyrics, where they grew up, they get front row tickets to every show etc. Low L.S. fans (Like Scale) don’t buy tickets, so in other words you need your fans to really like you. You need to have passionate fans and the best way to get passionate fans is to only put out top-notch tracks.


The live performance itself must be enticing to your listeners. You can put out the best music and have a passionate fan base but if you can’t hack it live, your ticket sales are still going to be a problem. You have to show you can do the difficult verses in person and in front of your fans. Artists with intricate lyricism get extra heat from people doubting they can do their tracks live. This charge can kill an artist’s reputation so it’s important to squash it ASAP. All of our verses are written to perform so you won’t ever have to worry about this.