Currently we’re not looking for any management positions. We are however looking for a decorated web developer to help design three more of our websites. It would be a full time position, maintaining as many as 7 individual sites and we’re offering a salary well above the median range. Send your resume to [email protected]


We’re not hiring any writers right now. However, we run on the fact that we have the absolute best writers. Because the talent outside of PW is getting better and better, it would be unwise for us to not at least be looking for new writers however unlikely it is we’ll come across any of similar skill level to our current roster. Make sure the verse(s) or song(s) you send us are recorded over a specific beat. The lyrics themselves aren’t enough for us to get an idea of the flow, which is an aspect of lyricism we take very seriously. You can send your tracks or verses to [email protected]


Our writers obviously write the songs we put out but they aren’t always the ones recording them. This is one of the unique things about how we make music, the fact that the song’s writer doesn’t have to be the song’s recorder. In other words, the person who wrote the lyrics doesn’t have to be the one that actually goes in the booth and lays down the vocals. This way, we can offer a much wider range of variety to our tracks. Every artist has their own voice, style and delivery which can play a big role in how good the song can be.

What a PW Vocalist basically does is come in and record a song or verse that has already been written by us. Not everyone can do this type of work. It takes a lot of talent and experience to know how to tweak your delivery or emphasize certain words right. Timing is also very important. You got to know how long to hold specific syllables, speed up or slow down, when to breathe etc… Not many artists are that familiar with things, but you have to be if you’re mirroring the level of rap we do. If you’re interested you can send an email to [email protected]