No matter what you may think about ghostwriting, one thing is clear: you only have two options. Either you get writers or you get run over by those who do. You can’t compete with artists who have a whole team of writers working together to intricately craft every single line. Now, right here is where a lot of artists make their mistake. They think that they can compete with someone who has writers. They’re that sure of themselves they think they alone can write better rhymes than artists who literally have a team of 10-15 lyricists. This is where the confidence of an artist (usually his biggest strength) not only turns into a weakness, but can actually be his downfall. The blunt truth of the matter is that you can’t. You cannot compete with that.


You can’t compete with artists who have teams of writers. Now, this isn’t an insult because no one can. No one man can out-write 10, especially when the 10 are each PW level lyricists and have been writing for decades. Not Eminem, not Nas, not Tupac not Ludacris etc. and they’re some of the best to ever pick up a mic. You cannot match the lyrical quality of artists with writers but on top of that, you also can’t put out half as much music and you can’t be on the road touring nearly as much either. We touched a bit on this in the Rap Ghostwriters for Hire segment but just think about it. You can’t compete with someone who has a team of writers perfecting tracks while they’re on the road and once they get back, they’re already set to release a whole new, high caliber album to their fans. You on the other hand, the lone artist, gets back from touring and haven’t even picked out beats yet, let alone have an album finished. You can’t compete with that. It’s like libraries trying to compete with Google. So again, this is why it doesn’t matter whether you think it’s right or wrong. Either you get writers, or you get run over by those who do and you can be damn sure your competition has no problem at all with having writers.


If you want to have a sliver of a chance at competing then you have to do the same as what your competition is doing and it’s just naive to think otherwise. Well intentioned, but still naive. This is the blunt truth about ghostwriting. Whether you support it or not, is completely irrelevant. You may not like other artists using ghostwriters but that still doesn’t change the fact that those other artists are your competition and they’re competing for the same amount of listeners. You have to address this reality, no matter how unwelcome because while you’re criticizing the idea of it, your competition is sitting down with his lyricists and putting out masterpieces. While you’re just releasing your first album of the year, your competition has already put out three and is talking with the writers about beats for the forth. While you’re on the road, your competition is too, only for twice as long because they don’t need months off to make new tracks. This is the reality and this is what you’re up against. Hip Hop isn’t an industry that plays nice. It’s ridiculously competitive and cut-throat. You do what you got to do to get ahead, or someone else will do what they got to do to get ahead of you.


To sum it up, you only have two options with regards to ghostwriters. Either you get them, or you get run over by those who did because you can’t compete. That’s the blunt truth about ghostwriting. It’s very simple. You can’t compete with artists who have whole teams of writers perfecting every line. You can’t compete quality wise, but you also can’t compete quantity wise or be on the road half as long either. Therefore, you only really have two options and the right choice is obvious. You may not like this fact but you can’t have that effect your decision making or you’re going to screw yourself. Just like the people using bows and arrows may not of liked it when everybody started using guns. It doesn’t matter if they didn’t like it, either they started using guns too or it was over for them. Also, realize the danger in thinking that they could compete with bows and arrows still. They’d be slaughtered. So being delusional has its drawbacks. Thinking you can compete with an artist who has a whole team of writers, is delusional, just as it is to think that bows and arrows can compete with guns.